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Who we are

We are a team of music enthusiasts, artists and business people with over 10years of combined experience running entertainment business and media related advertisements across East Africa

About our Audience

Our audience is purely music lovers(both secular and gospel) from all over Kenya.

We can help you optimise your campaign deep down to targeting a specific artist fans.

Wanna reach out to a specific gender, a specific age group? Worry not, we do all this targeting for you.

Some of our stats

Website Views

200K+ per Month

Web Active Users

20K+ every Month

App Active users

20K+ As of todate

SMS/Email Reach

35K+ As of todate

What we can do for you

1. Business advertisements

You have a business selling a certain product or service, an MC or an artist we can help you get more customers by pushing for more sign ups or website visits

2. Product promotions

You have a supermarket or a business and you have promotions for a certain holiday (E.g. Christmas), we can help you amplify these promotions and drive more sales

3. Event advertisement

If you have an event - be it a fundraising drive, dowry payment, house warming party and you would like to have good attendance, we can help you reach out to more people and convince them to join you for the event

How we do it

1. Problem Statement

Our sales manager will LISTEN to you to understand what your key objective of your campaign is

2. Craft targeting model

From the feedback shared, we PREPARE a campaign targeting model which highlights the best time to deliver your message, the channel and the budget

3. Delivery

We then push your message to your target customers. You just sit back, open your monitoring panel and watch as your message gets delivered.


Or call us on +254 796 098 510, OR Send an email to


1. Web banners

Bespoke interactive experiences with lots of space for rich media in order to drive engagement with your brand.

2. Custom landing page

We can help you create a custom experience for your campaign. Our in-house team can develop a content-rich, tailormade experience that you can build a wider campaign around. This can include mobile friendly microsites

3. Sponsored playlists

Wanna take the music experience for your fans to the next level? Create your branded playlists and entertain your customers

4. Sponsored listening

Sponsor an ad-free session for your audience and create a lasting impression. We can create promo codes sponsored by your brand that allows someone to stream music for free.


Or call us on +254 796 098 510, OR Send an email to

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